Sunday, November 25, 2007


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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Duck Nation

In Portland, Saturdays in the fall can entail going to the Farmer’s Market, the kids’ soccer game, shopping centers, watching cartoons or just sleeping in. Not in Eugene. This Saturday THR3 was in Oregon’s second largest city on business. Coincidently there was a football game between the Oregon Ducks, ranked #4 in the nation, and the Arizona Sun Devils, ranked #5. Duck Nation as it is known in those parts, was out in full force. And these cats --- ducks --- were wildin' out. A blinding amount of lightening yellow and forest green blanketed the area around Auzten Stadium. With the aroma of Pasts, car exhaust and bacon in the air, THR3 wandered through the sub-culture that is college football tailgating to get a better understanding of what made these loyal fans so excited about their Ducks. Soon, THR3 spotted a group of fans who looked too official to pass by. With the short bus painted green and yellow, one could tell there was truly some "special" about these Ducks. Quack. Quack.

TIME: 10:45
DATE: Nov 3, 2007

THR3: What do you think the score is going to be today?

DN1: 42 – 21

DN2: Yeah pretty close to that, I would say 38 – 5. [laughs]

THR3: How long have ya’ll been out here today?

DN1: Since 6:30 in the morning.

THR3: Wait. Where are you guys from?

DN1: Sutherlin.

THR3: So when did you leave Sutherlin to get here?

DN1: Five, five-thirty.

THR3: You plan on going back home right after the game?

DN2: Not until all the beer is gone!

THR3: Man, you have a sweet spread, what are you cooking over there?

DN1: Beef sandwiches.

THR3: Mmm, delicious. Are you a season ticket holder?

DN3: Yep, 17 years.

THR3: What do you guys do for money these days?

DN1: We are all in concrete.

THR3: Mmhhhmm. If the Ducks make it to the national championship will you go?

DN1, 2, 3: HELL YES!

DN2: I don’t care where it is, China, Africa, Alabama. I will be there with yellow and green on.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Philadelphia Sports Fan

In Oregon, and on the West Coast in general, sports are viewed as a intriguing form of entertainment. With a variety of outdoor activities to participate in, professional sports are second fiddle. However, this sentiment is not shared by our East Coast counterparts. Back East, sport is a way of life. The lifestyle of the East Coast sports fan parallels that of the religious fanatic. Nowhere is this truer than the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. For the typical Philadelphian, every game day is judgment day. Every win, an orgasmic high, every loss is a crippling blow. From preseason to regular season to the playoffs, the intensity level of the city itself builds to almost unimaginable levels. Even on an occasion like Halloween, a Philadelphian can never fully disguise their true face which is colored with years of premature hopes followed by inexpressibly devastating disappointments.

[WARNING: This interview include excessive profanity, which is entirely normal for the Philadelphian sports fan, but may not be suitable for young children, conservative religious types or respected elders. Please proceed with caution]

TIME: 1:01
DATE: Oct 28, 2007
LOCATION: Southeast Portland Oregon

THR3: What about the cats from Cleveland?

PSF: Fuck Cleveland. Seriously, if you are from Philly all you have is sports…That is ALL you fucking have. The city is so shitty, it sucks. And like, all we have is our sports, and you live and fucking die by that. And we have not won a championship in any major sport for 25 fucking years.

THR3: Yeah, but Cleveland’s drought has been longer.

PSF: But Cleveland is like a fucking third the size of Philly. Look, I don’t doubt that Cleveland fans have heart, but in Philly sports are so ingrained that it is life, it is who you are.

AC SLATER: Cleveland is wack.

PSF: Fucking Philly lives, everyday, the Rocky mentality. It is the Rocky mentality. When they release a new fucking Rocky film, the city has week long celebrations about that shit. Like, Rocky, fuck yeah. Just like Rocky, we will lose every fucking time, but we will never, ever fucking give up...ever! That is the Philly mentality. There is shit to do in Philly, but sports.

THR3: What about when Allen Iverson led the Sixers to the championship series.

PSF: Fuck that. One, we didn’t win. Two, when AI turned into a fucking jackass, we were like “get him the FUCKING hell outta here.” We don’t give a shit about AI. He is a jackass. Philly doesn’t care about our athlete’s talent, we care about the character of who they are.

THR3: What about Terrell Owens then?

PSF: Oh, DOUBLE FUCK T.O.! You don’t fucking disrespect Philly like that.

THR3: He did play in the superbowl game injured though, that has to show you some heart.

PSF: That shit was nothing special. It’s fucking Philly, that shit is expected.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Online social networks: You cannot escape them! While cold chilling at a festival of spook, the Robert Murdoch owned online friend community was still visible. Myspace is in many books is the most ingenious invention of the early 21st century. And who's to argue? Bigger than blogging, bigger than youtube, bigger than online gambling, feeling apart of a community is essential to most folks sense of well-being and survival. How man lives have been saved due to THR3 would wage A LOT, more than one would think. On this night THR3 ran into a young man was taking it to the streets searching for new friends to add to his online network of love, happiness, and wellbeing. The message is clear: Myspace saves! Jesus, you can add me as a friend if you’d like, but you’ll have to wait on my confirmation.

MEMBER SINCE: 4/27/2005
TIME: 0:22
DATE: Oct 28, 2007

THR3: How many hits have do you have on your page?

SL69: Dude, I don’t know I don’t have my counter on there bro.

THR3: Well, how many bulletins have you sent out lately?

SL69: Dude, I got bulletins going everyday dude…"come to my party," "suck on my johnson," "let's get drunk and do it," "come with me to Poundtown," everyday I send out something new, its wilin’ bro.

THR3: How many hotties you have sending you comments?

SL69: Dude, it is all big butts all day, dude.

THR3: So that is how you roll? No love for the front but a woody for the junk?

SL69: Just bitches with trunks and pumps…big butts all day…I am the SupermanLover69, bitches I am here to lick and stick!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Yes sir. Halloween is here and THR3 was out scoping the digs. The great thing about this special time of year is that it allows the public an opportunity to be their true selves. For women, it is the slutty-whatever that screams inside all year long. For men, it is that guy who finally has the confidence to pick up the slutty-whatevers. Well, THR3 saw a baller navigating his way through the crowd at a recent Halloween celebration. He was “making it rain” like is was nothing, and the party goers were going buck wild. The man had style, class, sophistication, and clout - to say the least. THR3 was able to chop it up with this wild cat for a few...eventually finding out his secret to stacking chips.

AGE: million$
TIME: 23:59

DATE: Oct 27, 2007


THR3: What do you do?

J: I do megabucks…powerball sometimes.

THR3: How much you make?

J: You know, I get a hundred here, a hundred there. I do scratch-its on the side, you know, whenever I have some downtime…but my big thing is KENO.

THR3: What are your lucky numbers in KENO?

J: I can’t tell you. Why should I tell you that?

THR3: Well, give me your first one then.

J: My first lucky number?

THR3: Yeah.

J: My very first one was, it is a dead number for me by the way,…29. It’s a dead number. For me. Dead. You can use it though.

THR3: Why is it dead?

J: I will never use that number again. I’ve used it too much. It was too lucky. Way too lucky.

THR3: How much did 29 net you?

J: Ahhh, man, that shit got me like 8 bucks.

THR3: What did you spend it on?

J: Mostly more lottery tickets.

THR3: More?

J: Well I got another KENO for a dollar. Then a two dollar powerball. But they didn’t work out. Then I got a couple dollar scratch-its. I got the bowling pins and….what is that fucking guy...pac-man...pac-man madness. Those were like two dollars a piece and I got a few dollars from both of those, so I am making returns…slightly

THR3: You think it is better than the stock market?

J: Well, at least it is stable.

THR3: The stock market is too volatile for you?

J: Well, I am still living off my big bet. I had a big winning off of megaball madness scratch it. It was a four dollar one, I don’t normally dip that deep.

THR3: WOW. That is big baller status.

J: Yeah I know. I got like 800 bucks off that, you know?

THR3: What did you put that into?

J: Basically I am still playing on it.

THR3: How long have you been playing on it?

J: Five years.

THR3: Damn. That’s outta control.

J: That was on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles. I went to this newsstand over there, my sister had loaned me some money and I went to this stand and I started hanging out with this guy, we were watching lions on TV and I thought, “hey, I am rolling kinda fat,” my sister had loaned me 50 bucks, so I did the four dollar thing and what do you know, 800 bucks. And I am still rolling on that shit.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Andrea, Maya, & Sarah + Two Feathers

This was by far one of THR3’s more interesting encounters. Outside of Tony Bento, just off Hawthorne, I was able to persuade three ladies into an interview. With time to kill before their meal, they answered my harmless questions with a high degree of disinterest. As I was about the wrap things up a Native American gang rolls up. The leader, Two Feathers, then starts showing off his new belt to us. I abruptly ended the interview with the group to speak with Two Feathers. As I go to retrieve my camera from my bag he literally disappears into thin air. For five minutes, I look all over Hawthorne for him but to no avail. I began to wonder if he was real. Indeed his voice is still on my cassette recorder when I went to write the transcript of the interview but there is a nagging part of me that still questions Two Feathers existence.

AGES: 24-25
TIME: 16:32
DATE: Oct 23, 2007
LOCATION: Tony Bento off Hawthorne

THR3: Well, the weather is really amazing today. Some have offered that it is the nicest day of 2007. Would you agree? Or is there another day that sticks out in your mind? Maybe September 3 or August 1st or May 4th.

A: I think any day when there is sun is great.

M: I think today is beautiful.

S: I don’t know. I just moved up here, so I haven’t seen many days to compare.

THR3: Where did you come from?

S: Eugene, where everyday of summer is perfect.

THR3: So what have you done with the great weather today?

A: Walked around and shopped! [laughs]

THR3: Remember last Saturday went it was cold and rainy and miserable? What did you do then?


THR3: Rad. Any Halloween plans?

A: We are having a party at our house – we all live together.

THR3: Sweet. What kind of costume ideas you have cooking?


Enter Two Feathers.

THR3: So you made this belt all by yourself?

TF: Yeah.

THR3: Out of what material?

TF: Leather.

THR3: Where did you get the leather from?

TF: A friend.

THR3: A friend?

TF: Yeah, downtown.

THR3: So you didn’t skin a cow or anything.

TF: No, no, no.

THR3: How long have you had the belt?

TF: About…three weeks.

THR3: How long did it take you make to belt?

TF: About…I’d say…about a half a day.

THR3: That is pretty quick.

TF: Yeah, look at it. [He shows me the belt. On the inside of the buckle, in LAGRE white print, reads: MADE IN CHINA]

THR3: Wow. That is a quality belt!

TF: I only make the best, man.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stephanie & Alex: PDX Fashion Week

Yes, yes, yes ya’ll. If you didn’t know, Portland Fashion Week took place last week. Monday was the most anticipated show of the week, entitled, “The Collections.” An expert from the night’s pamphlet explains: “The Collections is a Portland, Oregon-based group of 10 designers with a unique history and aesthetic. Since the first small Seaplane fashion show in 2000, this group has been crucial to the development of Portland’s creative community and economy. The Collections designers consistently produce fashion that inspire and challenges.” THR3 was there as a credentialed photographer. With only a modest Olympus FE-190, THR3 was working hard, along with the professional photographers; during the show to get a few shots which best represented the evening’s collections. Afterwards THR3 was able to get a few onions from some of Portland’s fashion goers.

NAME: Stephanie (in white, right)
AGE: 21
TIME: 17:19
DATE: Oct. 22, 2007
LOCATION: PDX Fashion Week After-Party

THR3: What brings you to the PDX fashion show?

S: I am a student at the Art Institute of Portland, in fashion design. I came to see what was out there.

THR3: Do you have any friends or associates who are designers? Did any of them display their collections this evening?

S: My teacher, Sharon Blair. Her label is named Blairwear. And one of my friends works for Ana Cohen.

THR3: What was your favorite piece this evening, or favorite collection?

S: I had a lot of favorites, it was an amazing show. However, I absolutely loved Elizabeth Dye’s collection. But really, all the collections were great. It is hard to choose.

THR3: Was there any one piece in particular that blew you away?

S: The “Glass Slipper” [from Kate Tower’s collection, see picture below] was simply amazing.

THR3: It is fair to assume you want to get into clothing design then?

S: Yes. I am graduating this fall.

THR3: Congratulations. What is next on the horizon for you?

S: Not sure…wherever designing leads me.

THR3: Aside from designing and fashion, what else in going on in your life that is reason to celebrate?

S: I just got married. July 14th.

THR3: Congratulations again. Sounds like you are winning at life.

S: [laughs] Yes, I guess I am.

At this point Stephanie’s friend entered. Curious, she wanted to know to whom her friend was speaking. However, to her surprise, she ended up being coaxed into an interview.

NAME: Alex (in black, left)
AGE: 22
TIME: 17:25
DATE: Oct. 22, 2007
LOCATION: PDX Fashion Week After-Party

THR3: Do you go to the Art Institute too? Along with your friend?

A: I did. I actually I just graduated. Well…I kind of did. I have one class left until it is official. The dreaded Senior Seminar.

THR3: What brought you to tonight’s show?

A: I designed the logo for PDX Fashion Week. I was able to get to know the people that were running it, and I wanted to come and check it out. Also, I am interested in the fashion scene because I am an aspiring fashion designer myself.

THR3: Are you from Portland?

A: I am actually from Eugene. I left Oregon for a while, and then when I decided to come back to the Northwest I moved to Portland and went to the Art Institute. Most likely, I will stay here from another year or two, and then I want to venture off and experience different things. But, I can see myself ending up here because I like it a lot.

THR3: Why is that?

A: It is a cool place. It is so laid back and anything goes. I think a lot of people are attracted to that.

THR3: You said you were an aspiring fashion designer. Where do you take your inspiration from?

A: Basically anything I see can inspire me. It changes everyday. I never have one source of inspiration that I look towards. I look at fashion magazines a lot. However, I do not look at the designs necessarily; I look at the style of photography, and placement of products, etc. I really like everyday life. I can be inspired by anything. Even walking down the street I can see a rock and think, “Wow. That is a really cool rock.” And draw a variety of ideas from it.

THR3: What is next on your plate? What do you have cooking in that pot of yours?

A: The next thing cooking is to find something that can make me some money. Eventually, I want to have my own line. But it takes a lot to get there. In the meantime, I am looking for a job so I can get some money under my belt until I am ready to start my own thing.